Dear applicants,

We deeply regret to inform you that the festival cannot be realised in 2015 for lack of sufficient subsidies. We apologise for our late response but we have been trying to raise funds until the very last moment. Thank you so much for all the amazing proposals and your patience!
However, while there’s life, there’s hope. We definitely want to Move the Space! with you, and we are already working on new plans for next year! Please keep in mind that all the applications from 2015 will be also considered in 2016. We will keep in touch.

Best wishes,
Your Move the Space! Team
peter fuxx || Fuchs, Vanja Fuchs, Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki and Lisa Schmidt



International Festival
of contemporary dance
and performing arts
in public space

Looking for new challenges in the middle of the urban jungle?
Ready to “stir the air” and move the space?
Then go for it! We are looking forward to your visions
of setting the streets of Vienna in motion!



This call is open to professional
dancers, choreographers,
companies and performers,
including single persons,
duos and collectives.

Public space/s
of Vienna, Austria


Application period

Move the Space! Is a new festival dedicated to contemporary dance
and performing arts in a very specific frame: the public space. The
public space, considered as a place of communication that generates an
enthusiasm for new experiences and exchange beyond geographical and
cultural boundaries.

The aim is to explore the potential of the urban space in a creative way and
to take a critical look at the stereotypes connected to this issue. Thus the
public places do not function as a mere setting element, on the contrary:
they are defined as an integral part of the performances. With all the risk
and unpredictable, spontaneous moments, implicated by such a process.
The performances take place outdoor only, and in all weathers.

It is not necessary that the performances are conceptualised for the
public space only. The adaption and further development of the material,
originally designed for indoor venues, can also be taken as a challenge, as
they notably display the polarity of inside and outside, private and public.

Up to seven performances will be selected from the applications by a team
consisting of three curators (experts on dance/performing arts, visual and
trans-media arts and theory). The curated performances will be presented
at open-air locations in the 2nd district of Vienna, and, if necessary,
adjusted to new venues. During the festival, each of the acts will be
performed several times (1 – 3), optionally at different places and times.

The closing day is reserved for a special programme according to the
idea of the festival: instead of `Artist Talks´, we will organise `Artist Walks´ –
combining the dialogue between the audience and the artists with mutual
exploration of the city.





Please mail your application to
Application deadline

Leading Team
Festival Director: peter fuxx || Fuchs,
Artistic Director: Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki
Dramaturg: Vanja Fuchs,
Production: Lisa Schmidt

The proposal should include
– a short performance description and your CV (max. 3 pages A4)
– presentation material (feel free to choose the means of your
presentation – video, pictures, sound files, links, reviews …)

If possible provide a download link.
Otherwise please provide the data
on a USB flash drive and send it to:

What we offer
> Accommodation with breakfast facilities
> Catering including 1 shared meal per day
> Tickets for public transportation
> Technical support of the performances
> Artist’s fees (450,- € per solo, 600,- € per duo and
750,- € for collectives of three or more persons)*
> Website presentation of projects and ongoing networking via web platform
> The festival cannot cover travel costs,
but we can issue an official letter of invitation.

Lisa Schmidt
Move the Space!
Erdbergstraße 10/56
1030 Vienna

*Move the Space! is a pilot project in the phase of application.
We kindly ask you to note that the realisation of the festival is
depending on subsidies yet to be granted. The applicants will be
informed on the funding situation as soon as possible.




Peter Julian Fuchs
Bandgasse 32/29
1070 Vienna
UID: ATU49437104